A Tribute to 35 Years in Pro Audio

Largely neglected during the Beats by Dr. Dre era, Monster’s Pro Audio category needed to connect with a new generation of musicians. For almost ten years there had been no new products, endorsements, or marketing initiatives.  Monster ProMI had fallen off the radar and was in desperate need of an overhaul.  An entire generation of musicians were unaware of the brand.

Our objective was to bring a new product line to market with integrated advertising campaigns that celebrated Monster’s 35 year legacy and promoted positive growth of the category.

The company’s heritage is deeply rooted in music. Top name artists, producers, and engineers helped Head Monster Noel Lee build the first application specific, premium cable line.  We felt this story needed to be re-told to a new customer base. Releasing a tribute product line gave us the vehicle to achieve this goal.


The first step was to redesign the entry level instrument, speaker, and mic cables with a retro design. We added all-metal connectors, an inner mold strain relief, and Monster’s iconic offset knurling and red logo band. The updated cable construction produced classic warm 70’s tones, perfect for players who want vintage sound as well as reliable gear. A fan favorite, the Classic Coil instrument cable completed the lineup in both black and white Duraflex jacket colors.


The Monster Classic line was created as an opportunity to re-tell the company story to a new generation of musicians. We designed a retro styled product line to help promote the company’s 35th anniversary and re-establish its credibility as a Pro Audio innovator.  We leveraged vintage content featuring top names like Stevie Wonder, George Benson, ZZ Top, and Cheap Trick to help promote the brand worldwide.

The marketing campaign focused on telling the Prolink story to a younger generation of musicians. The original Famous Monsters were re-enlisted to support the launch allowing us to recycle assets.

Packaging was redesigned with a vintage cardboard construction. We revived Monster’s original 1979 disco logo giving the branding an element of cool that no other manufacturer can offer.

Today, Monster Classic cables can be found in garages and on stadium stages around the world. It is currently Monster’s best selling pro audio cable.