The Cable Choice of Professionals

After many years without an update, Monster’s Pro Audio category was due for a major overhaul.  A complete refresh of products, training, and marketing was required to drive growth and profitability. The product line had become confusing with too many cable options and very little explanation of their differences.  Even sales associates on the retail floor had a hard time explaining Monster’s proprietary technology. 

Our objective was to refresh the category with a streamlined product mix of high velocity skus.  We also needed to create all new marketing assets to educate and drive sell-through.

Noel Lee interviews long time friend and Famous Monster Stevie Wonder at NAMM 2016

From the beginning, Noel Lee worked with top musicians, producers, and engineers to create the first premium pro audio cable line. Through these partnerships, Monster has truly become The Cable Choice of Professionals.

Our new marketing focused on the iconic Famous Monsters and how they have grown with the company.  We also shared that spotlight with the next generation by developing the Emerging Artist program.


The Prolink line had been known for a poor cable strain relief.  To remedy this, we worked with Neutrik and created a custom collet system that eliminates stress to solder joints. The result was almost a 100% drop in the return rate for shorted cables.

With the new connector design in place, we minimized the product line to create an easily managed mix of high-velocity skus.  We focused on the three main application specific cables that are tuned for electric, acoustic and bass instruments.


We found deep parallels between the origins of Monster and how every great rock band came to be. Noel started in the garage with little more than a dream of making it to the big stage.  Through hard work and perseverance, he eventually achieved his goal, becoming a headlining act on the world wide pro audio stage. 

We let the artists tell Noel’s story through their experiences, sacrifices, and successes in a series of interview vignettes used online, in-store, and at trade shows.

Monster’s heritage lies deep in music. Head Monster Noel Lee has worked with top musicians, producers, and engineers to build the best pro audio cables possible. The company’s roster of Famous Monsters are still loyal to the brand and provided support through testimonials, photography, and social media.

Monster Cable Prolink can be found at retail world wide. It is considered to be a premium cable for professional applications.