Class Reunion captures a pivotal moment in San Francisco’s modern music history. The pages reveal heroic live performances and intimate backstage snapshots while the dot-com bubble was engulfing the city and disrupting its artist community. The songs of the time tell a story of city pride, and the ultimate betrayal as corporate greed consumed cultural habitats.

156 Pages with over 200 mixed B&W and color images.

CLASS REUNION Documentary Trailer

Into the Shallows is a collection of images that capture the crumbling remnants along San Francisco’s central waterfront. The photographs were shot on a path that bends from Mission Creek to Hunter’s Point. They reveal decaying monuments to humanity, as well as hopeful reminders that Mother Nature is always ready to take back what belongs to her.

102 Pages, 90 Images mixed color/B&W
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Souvenirs from Boston documents a decade of a city’s music, people and places at the close of the century. The images emerged from personal experiences, professional collaborations and the vast grey area in between.

180 Pages, 182 B&W Images