Monster GO-DJ is the world's first portable and truly standalone DJ controller/music production studio that allows DJs and Producers—amateur and pro—to perform, write, record, produce, remix and DJ anywhere.

The unit features dual touch-panel LCD screens, a crossfader, and 32 gb of internal memory for music. With BPM auto sync capability, special effects, sample sounds, and a 16-beat step sequencer, GO-DJ is a fully stocked, self-contained recording studio.

Monster GO-DJ is a feature packed, first-of-its-kind production tool.  Our objective was to develop a marketing tool kit with assets that promoted the controller’s unique feature set. Marketing initiatives centered around the mobile opportunities this compact device made possible.

Monster GO-DJ live in the streets of NYC with D-Lyfe.

NYC Freestyle in the Streets

Monster GO-DJ Demo

GO-DJ live in Times Square

Shinobi Ninja: The GO-DJ Van Album

To promote the unit’s mobility, we sent emerging artists Shinobi Ninja on the road with GO-DJ and an array of must-have mobile products for the touring musician. Over a two-week period, the band wrote and recorded an entire album on GO-DJ. The following video diary captures the project and their life on the road.


"The van album is the sound of the road. No amps. No stages. Road. Miles. Driving. And recording. Outside in the grass while gassing up. In hotel rooms. Passing the GODJ back and forth between rows. The tones of America. The voices of us, our fans, and strangers. Freestyle. We came in with no ideas. No riffs. No lyrics. The album was started and finished in 2 weeks while we were on Tour. We had plenty of driving time. Monster gave us the tools. The rest is history. Fill her UP!!!"   - Duke Sims   


“I even used my headphones as a mic to record me beatboxing, cut up the sounds, put them in the sequencer and made a cool beat by playing the sequencer, sample pads, and synth live.” -Terminator Dave

“…No box to conform to. To be able to create art in life and have people waiting to appreciate it. It was awesome to live on that canvas. Big Strokes!!!” -Duke Sims

“…I like listening to the album because it’s the product of us in the band behaving musically with a brand new instrument – a true collaboration in real time. And the skits. The skits are my jawn and I can remember some of these times, but most are just a haze.” -Mike Machinest

“…I was really into the project. I wanted to make a track I can bop my head to! I think my track is kinda clubby. Meaning, you can definitely play it at the club! Ooh ooh!!!” -Baby G

“…It is not easy to express what it is like to be in a touring rock band. To travel across the country and see new places and meet new people is an amazing experience. There was a lot of struggle but also tremendous joy. There were moments of hilarity and moments of deep reflection. I feel the music expresses all these things.” -DJ Axis Powers

“In between shows, you have downtime but its all focused around the van…..the place you’re in till the next show u know? You can’t leave the van in between shows 'cus thats what gets you there….so this is the place where you have to be creative… ” -Terminator Dave


“…well he had a wig on. He also had a giant blue jump suit on… He looked familiar, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it and I was like, dude, you in a band here? and he was like yeah, I play in ah, Everytime I Die …” -Terminator Dave

“..Eric Moore played on all of our tunes today. Just sat behind the set, cold as ice and just did it. How about a once in a life time Shinobi gig??” -Terminator Dave

“…it’s all about you know, doing early 90s hip-hop production. Sampling, a little bit of sequencing, scratching, you got a pair of playback devices with a cross fader. Everyone had their chance to think about it and it kind of forces us to think like producers. That’s a step in the right direction if we’re all trying to make music together.” -Terminator Dave