SXSW 2015

Monster was at SXSW this year checking in to see how the new line was working out. Just seeing Monster on almost every stage and in every case was evidence enough that things were going well.

The Noise FM – Chicago

The Noise FM plays melodic, beat-driven indie-rock. Sometimes the tunes get really loud with fuzzed out synthesizers and gnarly riffs. Other times, it gets quieter — [...]


Bonnie and the Beard – Denver, CO

Bonnie and the Beard is a vivacious group–often quite salacious, lost deeply in dream and delirium. Some say they live in a tent and practice juggling flaming arrows when [...]


Against The Clocks – Rockville, IN

Against the Clocks is a five piece band from the Midwest. Our sound includes harmonizing vocals, catchy beats, powerful rhythm line, explosive leads, and soothing piano. We [...]


The Well – Austin, Texas

Austin-based power trio The Well redefine heavy rock by merging massive riffs with sophisticated melodies. Their progressive sound stems from a nostalgic desire to blend [...]


Amplified Heat – Austin, Texas

Amplified Heat continues the Texas tradition of pure, fearless rock and roll at crushing, soul-shaking volume. Hold up a match at an Amplified Heat show and it might light [...]


Olivia Jean – Nashville

On their initial flurry of singles for Jack White’s Third Man Records, and even more so on their eponymous album in 2011, the all-female “garage-goth” band the Black [...]


Residual Kid – Austin, Texas

Consisting of brothers Ben and Max Redman (drums and bass respectively) and singer / guitarist Deven Ivy, RESIDUAL KID is awash with equal parts high-end jangly guitars and [...]

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Aviateur – Austin, Texas

We’ve used these cables for years, and nothing else will do. They survive thrashings, beatings, beer spills, and stompings a-plenty.  When you want the absolute best sound [...]


Machineheart – Los Angeles

Warm guitars, buoyant synths and endearing vocals all come together inmachineheart’s debut original song “Circles”. Based out of Los Angeles, the [...]


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