Travis Tidwell, Lyles, TN

Monster Artist

Smo 42 WM

Travis Tidwel, is a guitarist brought from humble beginnings from the small town of Lyles, Tennessee. His father and mother worked in the daytime; his father played the honky tonk scene at night. His father exposed him to many styles of music early on, such as rock, country, blues, Motown, and many other styles. At the age of 11 he began playing piano and progressed very quickly for his age. Travis got his first guitar on his 14th birthday, a Jackson Randy Rhoads model. Like the piano, Travis ran with the guitar and hasn’t looked back since. After realizing guitar was his passion, he took it very seriously and would lock himself in his room and practice up to 12 hours daily. He would play the local bar scene doing country, southern rock, and blues. Beginning in his freshman year of high school, Travis decided to use the Internet to his advantage and began networking and making connections. Warner Brothers artist, Big Smo, found him while he was working at Pizza Hut, landing him his first professional, major gig the day after his 19th birthday in 2012. His musical influences are that of Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Stevie Wonder, Neal Schon, Brent Mason, Steve Lukather, among many others. Travis plays with Big Smo today and can be seen on tour with him and on A&E reality TV show, BIG SMO.

Smo 11 WM

Twitter: @TravisTidwell01

Instagram: @TravisTidwell01



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