El Sagrado, Bogota, Columbia

El Sagrado 1

Colombian hardcore band, starting at 2003 with an EP called “Resurrección”

(Resurrection), well known for its powerful stage presence, but also for being fully

connected with the audience. Musical influences such as: Cro-Mags, Suicidal

Tendencies, The Haunted, Strife, and so many others.

In 2008, the band recorded their debut CD called “Divino Dolor” (Divine Pain)

mainly supported by Cinismo Records (Los Angeles, CA), Fernandes Guitars and

Krank Amps. This CD was promoted in Colombian cities but also at an Ecuadorian


Since 2010 El Sagrado is currently formed by Jhon (Voice), Alice (Guitar), Pájaro

(Bass) and Sergio (Drums). El Sagrado has played in big Colombian festivals such as: Rock al Parque (Bogotá,

Colombia) in 2012 and 2014 edition, Altavoz Fest (Medellín, Colombia) 2012

edition, Manizales Grita Rock (Manizales, Colombia) 2014 edition, 4 Extraños Fest

(Bogotá, Colombia) 2015 edition, toured at Ecuador and México countries, and

soon will be performing their Europe tour on September 2015, booked by Third

Eye Society. In 2012, the band was invited to record a live session at Discos

Fuentes (Medellín, Colombia), one of the greatest historic places on Colombian


El Sagrado 3

Right now El Sagrado is supported by Fernandes Guitars, Monster Cable, Sullen

Clothing and Cuatro Cuartos (Rehearsal Studios). The band is currently recording

their upcoming EP, produced by Alfonso Pinzón (Inquisition, DDLM) and Alejandro

Corredor (Nausea, Inquisition, El Sagrado).

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