Cheeky, Brooklyn, New York

Monster Artist


Cheeky |adjectiveCHēkē : indecently bold, amusing or endearing despite offending good manners, with a mild lack of propriety.

The dictionary said it best, but for those who need to know, Cheeky is a bitch pop indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY.  We wear our blacks, leathers, and denims with disregard to any season.  We are anything and everything to do with the embrace of bad ideas.  Consequences are merely child’s play in the eyes of fate and we, Cheeky, will live by one common order.  Quit your job, stay up all night, and always talk to strangers… We, Cheeky, sound like awesome.  We shred harder than your most compromising documents. We, Cheeky, are a girl band.  Queenie, Chips, Joey and Fox.

11224819_1257609314265327_7176607771170413440_nQueenie rocks the 80s Tele.  An eighties child who can’t paint her own nails, she’ll lay you down in a bed of roses, but can’t sing a Bon Jovi song.  Chips hits on sticks, but she’s not just any regular potato.  Lived on a hill so she can’t ride a bike, but at least she can still play video games.  Joey will make you bounce like a baby kangaroo.  We don’t understand her rants in Portuguese, but we understand her rhythm.  Tudo bem, bitches.  Fox bangs the keys.  Raised in a third world, she had rabies twice, but her vaccinations are up to date.  Try not to get too close.

We, Cheeky, are a girl band.  We might love cats, but they say we’re heartless.  Honesty is the best policy, deal with it…  #btchpop

Instagram : @cheekyband

Twitter : @cheekyband

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