War of Ages Erie, PA

Monster Artist

WOA2War of Ages has a long-standing tradition of delivering engaging metal music for fans of all ages. Their impressive discography includes 6 studio albums equating to over 100,000 album sales with the 3 latest albums hitting the top 200 billboards. War of Ages has toured extensively with bands such as As I Lay Dying, Soilwork, Throwdown, Demon Hunter, Underoath, Unearth, BTBAM and many more.

WOA5War of Ages’ latest release “Supreme Chaos” (2014) has succeeded in impressing old fans and acquiring more by venturing into a new style of writing while incorporating some of their tried and true elements. Steve delivered his ever-impressive guitar solos, and Jack succeeded in bringing even more texture, dynamics and shredding than ever before. Mixed with Leroy’s raw, honest lyrics and Alex’s technical drumming, these elements have resulted in an album full of intriguing melodies you can’t help but move your head to. The lyrics found on “Supreme Chaos” are taken from real life experiences. With themes such as family, role models, and self worth, this album gives War of Ages the ability to meet their fans where they are, making them a much-needed relatable band.

War of Ages strives to maintain their sense of real-ness with their fans while at the same time providing for and being role models for their families. With future albums, fans can expect more creative growth and hard-hitting music. A forced to be reckoned with, War of Ages expects to remain a solid fixture in the metal music spotlight.


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