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Bad Cop / Bad Cop began in 2011 in a beautifully dilapidated rehearsal studio in San Pedro, Ca.  They put out their first Self Titled EP in 2013 that was highly received by their punk rock fan base and earning them a spot on a Hurley Compilation with bands like Alkaline Trio and  NOFX.  With new momentum, the girls got back into the Hurley Recording Studios and recorded what would be their first Fat Wreck Chords release, “Boss Lady”.  “We recorded this new 7″ and had no idea what to do with it, as we had no resources to put it out, we had no plans”, says Singer / Guitarist Stacey Dee.  Then after getting seen by front man and co-owner of Fat Wreck, Fat Mike saw them play at the Lillith Bear festival in San Francisco.  After their set Fat Mike bought the girls a round of shots and said he wanted to put out a 7″ first, which we just happened to have ready to go.  Stacey Dee got a call from Fat Mike 3 days later saying Fat Wreck Chords wanted to sign Bad Cop / Bad Cop.  They released their 7″ Boss Lady in April 2014.

IMG_1955The ladies have played and toured, even touring Europe off of just 2 EP’s.  Now on June 16, 2015 their first Full Length record, “Not Sorry” will be released by Fat Wreck Chords.  They are scheduled to be touring throughout the rest of the year well into next June.  If you get a chance to see them in your town, do it…. The ladies of Bad Cop / Bad Cop never disappoint!


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-Stacey Dee


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