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Monster Rock uses patented technologies to accent the natural attack of your instrument so it cuts through the mix. Monster’s advanced coaxial design preserves fast transients, clean highs, and vivid harmonics while patented multiple gauge wire networks enhance your guitar’s sonic bite.
Product Features:

  • Dense braided shield minimizes interference and hum
  • Custom gold connectors with 24k gold contacts
  • Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
  • Duraflex® protective jacket
  • Carbon-Infused Polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise.
  • Solid core center conductor
  • Multi-Gauge wire networks
  • 95% copper braided shield
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty


Monster Rock is a high-performance, application-specific cable designed to enhance the sonic bite and character of your solid body electric instrument. A solid core center conductor provides tighter bass response, plus an extra-dense braided shield and carbon-infused dielectric minimize interference and hum. Multi-gauge wire networks maximize your guitar’s tone helping it through the mix. A dense shield rejects interference and hum, and heavy-duty 24k gold connectors increase conductivity and resist corrosion.


Our sound has been affected my Monster cables for years! The sonic clarity and range they have is unmatched. -Rick Nielson, Cheap Trick




High Performance Bass Guitar Cable Designed for More Power, Definition and Punch. Monster Bass delivers maximum low-frequency extension and more articulate and defined bass response.

Product Features:

  • Maximum low-frequency extension and articulate bass response
  • Enables faster transients and greater clarity
  • Duraflex® Protective jacket
  • Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
  • Durable, easy-grab barrel design
  • Ultra dense shielding
  • Multi-Gauge wire networks
  • Carbon-Infused polymer minimizes handling and vibration noise
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty

Monster bass is tuned to accurately transfer bass frequencies through your signal path. This cable features an extended dynamic range for better low frequency response. Dual heavy-gauge bass conductors deliver maximum low-frequency signal and taut, articulate bass, all without annoying buzzes and hums. And because bass parts can get lost, Monster Bass® enables quick transients and wide dynamic range by using solid core conductors, MicroFiber® dielectric and multi-gauge wire networks.

I only use stuff that still sounds incredible after I’ve beaten the #!@?!! out of it. The list is short. Monster’s on it. – Flea




Rich and Accurate Reproduction for Acoustic and Hollow Body Instruments. Bandwidth Balanced® construction phase aligns your signal for a more natural reproduction of the full range of frequencies found in acoustic and hollow body instruments.

I think I tried almost every other cable until I started using Monster. There was no reason to continue using anything else because Monster cables just always work better. – Madi Diaz

Product Features:

  • Multiple gauge high and low frequency wire networks for accurate imaging
  • Time Correct® windings for precise sound reproduction
  • Custom Monster® connectors with 24k gold contacts
  • Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
  • Duraflex® protective jacket
  • Carbon-infused polymer minimizes handling noise
  • 95% copper braided shield
  • MicroFiber® dielectric preserves highs and improves transients
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty


Monster Acoustic Cable is high-performance, acoustic-specific instrument cable designed for rich, accurate reproduction without frequency and phase distortions. Patented Time Correct windings reject interference, and MicroFiber dielectric enables fast transients and incredible warmth.



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