PRO 2500 Rack Mountable PowerCenter™

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Pro 2500

I’ve been using Monster Cable and Power for ages. Monster is just…the best. – Ozzy

FeaturesPRO 2500 Professional Rack Mountable PowerCenter™ featuring Patented Monster® Clean Power™ Stage 2 with Three Separate Isolation Filter Sections and Dual Mode Plus™ Surge Protection for Musicians, Portable Racks, and Small Studio Applications

PRO 2500 PowerCenter™ for Musicians and Sound Professionals Who Want AC Line Protection and Enhanced Performance
As fellow musicians, we designed the PRO 2500 PowerCenter to help achieve the best possible sound at an affordable price. Patented Clean Power filtering technology helps improve sonic performance, while Dual Mode Plus protection keeps your music and sound equipment safe from power line surges and spikes. The PRO 2500 has specially designed features for the sound professional, including a front panel XLR lamp connection for easy operation, rack handles for easy moving, and LED voltmeter. Installs easily in any 19-inch EIA-standard rack mount. Plus, we use a heavy-duty PowerLine 200 power cable with extra-long 8-foot length to make setup even easier.

Without Clean Power, Your Audio System Can’t Deliver Peak Performance
Many so-called “power conditioners” only protect against random power surges and/or voltage spikes. But, in fact, AC power line noise and noise generated by other components are equally harmful and constant threats to performance. These disturbances can cause inferior sound quality marred with lower bandwidth and reduced signal-to-noise ratio. Additionally, many power conditioners’ outlets often can’t handle the peak transient current capacity that high power amplifiers demand. As a result, dynamic distortion and loss of peak power can occur, preventing your amplifiers from ever maximizing their performance.

Clean Power Stage 2PRO 2500 is Much More Than a Surge Protector
While the PowerCenter also does an excellent job of protecting your equipment from harmful power surges, its main performance benefit is much more than just surge protection. Our patented Clean Power™ filter circuitry (U.S. Pat. No. 6,473,510 B1) virtually stops noise that goes right through ordinary surge protectors. Clean Power Stage 2 does more than just filter out electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RF) interference. It also isolates different types of audio equipment from each other.






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