Powercard – Mobile USB Power

Tour Essential


Size Does Matter
Monster’s Power Card™ packs serious punch. Super thin, it fits into your wallet for power on the go. A great value and easy to transport, it’s perfect for quick emergency charges.

Power On the Go
Monster’s “No Waiting Technology” provides all the power needed for the most demanding smart phones and USB devices. Just plug it in, hit the charge button, make the call.
Auto sensing technology detects exactly what speed your Smartphone or USB device requires and provides the speed and power in a flash—all of this in a sleek package. You won’t find a faster charger that fits in your wallet.

Five+ Hours of Portable Energy
Power Card™ quickly provides five hours of energy to your Smartphone.
Recharge any Smartphone with the built-in USB port.

Colors with Style
Available in five ultra cool colors, it delivers instant power in a compact, ergonomic design.

Three x Faster
The Power Card™ charges up to 3 times faster than standard USB chargers. 3 LEDs on the Power Card show your battery level and charge indicator. Use it with anything that requires USB charging. Wherever you go, the Power Card keeps you in charge.





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