iSport™ Victory In-Ear Headphones

Tour Essential


Their headphones are the best. My head turns into an auditorium! -Gary Clark Jr.

When it comes to performance, iSport™ Victory sport headphones raise the bar with total noise isolation, super-comfortable, unshakable earhook design and pulse quickening audio.

Pure Audio Adrenaline™

Sound-Isolating Eartips ensure a tight seal blocking out ambient noise and even water—leaving you with pure, motivating music. iSport™ Victory’s revolutionary in-ear SportClip™ is secure, comfortable and designed to work with goggles, glasses and helmets.


Magnetic Flux Tube™ TechnologyMHISRTIEBKCAV2_128474_GLAM_01

Using the same technology found in Monster’s best speaker cables, advanced in-ear speaker and MicroStrand Conductors deliver  your tunes as Pure Audio Adrenaline.


24K Gold-Plated Contacts and Convenient Right Angle Jack
Anti-corrosive gold plating gives you maximum connectivity and the strongest audio signals. Move freely with a tangle-resistant cord and jack positioned safely out of the way.


Sound-Isolation and Anti-Microbial Protection
Includes multiple eartip sizes and shapes for the perfect fit blocking out sweat and noise. Rugged and hygienic, iSport Victories are sweat proof and washable, with an anti-microbial formulation that kills germs on contact.


ControlTalk™ On-Cable Mic
Take a call without stopping. iSport™ Victory comes with convenient, hands-free control for your iPad, iPhone or iPod.


  • Pure Monster Sound
  • Sweatproof, washable, antimicrobial
  • Great for extreme focus
  • Multiple eartips for perfect fit
  • Work with glasses, helmets
  • Anticorrosive 24K gold-plated contacts
  • Right angle jack for freedom of moment
  • Tangle-resistant cord
  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Tube™ technology
  • Apple ControlTalk™ handsfree calls/control
  • Protective pouch included



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