Performer 600

Monster Cable Prolink



Road Worthy Instrument Cable Built Tough for the Touring Musician. An all-purpose cable designed to take the abuse of constant use in a working environment. Matte finish custom design connectors with strong collet strain relief with look great after years of use.

Product Features:

  • Duraflex® jacket provides protection from cuts and abrasion
  • Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
  • Special copper windings for great clarity over long runs
  • Heavy Duty shielding is excellent for reducing noise and interference
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty

Built for the working musician, Performer 600 delivers Pure Monster SoundTM with premium style connectors at the right price. Designed to capture a balanced tone and attack for all types of instruments and applications. A dense, braided shield rejects interference, and our patented MicroFiber® dielectric provides isolation of magnetic fields inside the cable to deliver more of your instrument’s warmth, and the character of your performance.


Monster set the standard with the Original Lifetime Cable Warranty. Performer 600 is covered by our 100% replacement guarantee so you’ll be a Monster for Life!

Monster cables are tough. I’ve counted on them to sound great and last, and they always deliver. – Dave Mustaine



Performance grade speaker cable guarantees a quality signal between your head and cabinet. You can rely on Performer 600 Speaker Cable to transfer maximum power from your amp to your speaker system. Built to provide a wide dynamic range for a natural, well-balanced sound.

The first time I got turned onto Monster Cable was back when I was doing the Red Voodoo record in 1999, and some engineer rewired everything with Monster Cable – the mics, our guitars, the speaker cords, you know – everything. And man, it was awesome, and I’ve never changed since then. – Sammy Hagar

Product Features:

  • Special Time Correct® windings for more accurate music reproduction.
  • Magnetic Flux Tube® for natural sound
  • Extra-flexible Duraflex® outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance.
  • Durable connector design featuring collet strain relief
  • Available in ¼”, Speakon, and Faston terminations
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty


app_p600_speakerPerformer 600 Speaker Cable is High performance cable that uses Time Correct Windings® and advanced cable construction to deliver an accurate signal with deeper bass and wider dynamic range for amp head/speaker combinations and other sound reinforcement applications. Increased conductor area increases power transfer, and twisted-pair construction eliminates hum.

Monster’s world-renowned reputation as a manufacturer of high performance audio products started with speaker cable over thirty years ago. Monster’s speaker cable is your assurance of absolute maximum fidelity and power transfer.



Road Worthy Microphone Cable Built like a Rock. P600 was built to withstand constant use on the road or in the studio. Matte finish custom design connectors will look great after years of use.

Product Features:

  • Custom Monster® XLR connectors provide durability and style
  • Duraflex® jacket offers maximum flexibility and protection
  • Carbon polymer shielding minimizes handling noise
  • High-density braided shield reduces interference
  • MicroFiber® dielectric increases transient response time
  • Lifetime Cable Warranty

Performer 600 microphone cable with patented Monster technologies brings out richness in vocals and harmonic overtones of any mic’d instrument or amplifier.

We needed sturdy solutions to withstand all the beatings of constant touring and all of Monster’s products are of the highest quality. You’ve been great to work with and you’re always thinking ahead. – Joy Formidable

Microphone signals are the most sensitive and delicate audio connections — even the slightest pickup of hum, static, RF or electromagnetic interference can cause trouble. Monster Performer 600 microphone cables deliver superb vocal and instrument reproduction, utilizing exclusive technologies such as carbon polymer shielding and microfiber dielectrics to provide a natural sound with broad frequency response.




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