Shinobi Ninja – NYC


Mike and Dave of Shinobi Ninja demo DNA 2.0 at SXSW


I replaced all of the cabling in my guitar rig with Monster cables and I no longer have ANY of the buzz problems I used to have in recording situations. SICK!!! I can use my ENTIRE pedal board during recording now. My tone is also way more robust. I have amazing bass and sparkling highs back in my sound. – Maniac Mike, Shinobi Ninja

Shinobi Ninja is a genre twisting band with an explosive live show. Based in Brooklyn N.Y., the band’s six diverse characters create a unique sound as they mash up Hip-Hop, Punk, Metal, and Pop.


shinobi_liveWith their music and DIY ethic, Shinobi Ninja has developed into a national rock act with a grassroots following built from non-stop touring, recording and social networking. Prior to forming Shinobi Ninja, each member had respective careers in the music industry. Vocalist, D.A., had been a busy NYC musician, producer, and engineer at Progressive Studios. Vocalist, Baby G, who worked as a singer and dancer for major label artists like Rihanna, Diddy, Cassie, and Santigold, was a fixture in the vocal master class held at Progressive by esteemed vocalist, Craig Derry of the Sugarhill Gang. DJ Axis, an accomplished battle and club DJ, played in bands with Mike and Dave. After two years of making a living together at Progressive Studios , this group of eclectic musicians decided to combine influences and form Shinobi Ninja in March 2008.


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