Andre Thierry – Richmond, CA


GRAMMY nominated Andre Thierry is a phenomenal talent who has been capturing the attention of musicians and music lovers from an early age.  Born in Richmond, California into a family deeply rooted in Louisiana French-Creole history, Thierry is among the best of both the West Coast and the Gulf Coast musicians playing what he calls “Alternative Creole” music.

andre_liveAndre is a virtuoso on all the accordion types, single row, double row, triple row and piano key.  He effortlessly plays each instrument to deliver everything from a traditional Creole waltz to a hard driving funky blues that is his own sound.  The San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to some of the best blues musicians in the world, twice presented Andre Thierry with the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame award for “Best Zydeco Group”.   Andre continually raises the bar for zydeco musicians worldwide.  In his early thirties he’s already one of the most well respected musicians in his field.  Andre Thierry captures the attention of music lovers and captivates the soul.  If you like to dance, Andre will have you moving all night long!

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